Please find below a number of selected track record references of the Alpha Advisors team members. While Alpha Advisors was established in early 2013, the field expertise of our team members dates back to 1997 and exceeds 60 successful transactions, both locally and within geographical Europe.
The transactions marked with a blue navy frame were concluded by Alpha Advisors as an organisation since 2013. The transactions marked with a grey frame were concluded under management of and/or with active participation of Alpha Advisors current team members while working in/with other organisations.
The grey-framed transactions are presented for the sole purpose of referral to the previous expertise of successfully concluded transactions by our personnel, but not Alpha Advisors as an organisation. We do not claim proprietorship to conclusion of these transactions under the “Alpha Advisors” brand in any way.
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  • Strategic Advisory
MediCA 2021: Advisory on acquisition of Varpo Seimos Klinika
2021: Buy-side advisory to MediCa Klinika, the leading private healthcare services provider in Lithuania, on acquisition of Varpo Seimos Klinika, the largest primary healthcare clinic in Siauliai city of Lithuania
Deeper 2021: Advisory on sale of Deeper
Sell-side advisory to the shareholders of Deeper (a global market leader in castable sonars for anglers) on the sale to Resource Partners (a private equity investment company from Poland)
MediCA 2021: Advisory on acquisition of G.Radavičiaus Klinika
Buy-side advisory to MediCA Klinika, the largest private clinics chain in Lithuania, on acquisition of G. Radavičiaus Klinika, the private clinic in Raseiniai town
Labochema 2021: Advisory on sale of Labochema
Sell-side advisory to private equity fund BaltCap and other shareholders of Labochema (a provider of integrated laboratory solutions with branches in all three Baltic countries) on the sale of Labochema to Dominique Dutscher, one of the leading European laboratory supply distributors with annual revenues of €300 million in 9 countries, which is based in France and backed by private equity fund manager LBO France.
Viena Sąskaita 2021: Advisory on sale to Aktiva Finants
Sell-side advisory to ME Investicija, a Girteka Logistics group company, on the sale of Viena Sąskaita (monthly bill payment consolidation platform for consumers) to Aktiva Finants, an Estonian fintech company
Salprone 2021: Advisory on sale of Salprone
Sell-side advisory to the shareholder of Salprone (a leading processor and distributor of salads, salad mixes and vegetables in the Baltic states) on the sale to Poland-based Green Factory (a producer of fresh, cut and packaged vegetables in Poland), which is part of Green Holding, a group of companies involved in the cultivation, processing, transportation and sale of salads and vegetables
Camelia 2021: Advisory on sale of Camelia
Sell-side advisory to CPG Management on the sale of UAB Nemuno vaistinė and its subsidiaries to Medigate Management. UAB Nemuno vaistinė, operating under the brand name Camelia, manages the leading pharmacy chain with over 300 pharmacies and the leading online pharmacy in Lithuania
TVC Solutions 2020: Advisory on sale to Broadcast Solutions
Sell-side advisory to Practica Capital and founders of TVC Solutions (a specialist in outside broadcast and TV studio integration services) on the sale to Broadcast Solutions Group from Germany (a leading integrator of broadcasting systems)
MediCA 2020: Advisory on sale to Repharm
Sell-side advisory to CGP Management on the sale of MediCa Klinika and Kardiolita Klinikos (the largest healthcare services provider in Lithuania) to Repharm (the largest private clinics, laboratory and pharmacies operator in Latvia).
Admen 2020: Advisory on sale to Orion Private Equity
Sell-side advisory to the shareholders of Admen (a leading custom signage manufacturer in the Nordics and CEE regions) on the minority sale to Orion Private Equity (a private equity fund of Orion Asset Management, one of the longest-running asset management companies in Lithuania)
NNL LT 2020: Advisory on management buyout of NNL LT
Buy-side advisory to the management, that owned 51% of NNL (a temperature-controlled logistics and warehousing company operating in the Baltics) prior to the transaction, on acquiring the remaining 49% from private equity fund managed by LitCapital and from a small minority owner. The deal was sponsored by Orion Private Equity fund
Improxy 2020: Acquisition of Improxy in Portugal
A joined team of Oaklins offices in Lithuania and Portugal advised a client in acquisition of Improxy in Portugal. Improxy is a market leader in Portugal in a niche segment of professional software for the condominiums and real estate market.
MediCA 2019: Advisory on acquisition of Lieporių Šeimos Gydytojų Centras
Buy-side advisory to MediCA Klinika, the largest private clinics chain in Lithuania, on acquisition of Lieporių Šeimos Gydytojų Centras, the largest private clinic in Šiauliai city
Alfagra 2019: Capital raising from Mundus Bridge Finance
Advisory to Alfagra (wholesaler of agricultural commodities) on raising debt capital from the investment fund Mundus Bridge Finance, which is managed by Mundus Asset Management
FCR Media Lietuva 2019: Advisory on sale to YNOT Media
Advisory to a BaltCap private equity fund owned FCR Media Group (digital media) on sale of the Group‘s Lithuanian subsidiary to YNOT Media, a fast growing digital advertising agency.
InMedica 2019: Advisory on sale to INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund
Advisory to BaltCap private equity fund and a private shareholder of InMedica (one of the largest primary healthcare private clinic chains in Lithuania) on the sale of 70% stake in the Company to INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund, a private equity fund of INVL Asset Management, one of Lithuania’s leading asset management companies. 2018: Advisory on sale to Sapiens
Advisory to the shareholders of (a technology specialist with expertise in digital services for insurance industry) on the sale of the Company to Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS), a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry.
Žurnalų Leidybos Grupė 2017: Advisory on sale to Media Bitės
Advisory to Žurnalų Leidybos Grupė (media publishing and online portals) and its shareholder on sale of business to Media Bitės.
UniPark 2017: Buy-side advisory on acquisition of Citypark Eesti
Buy-side advisory to Stova on the acquisition of Citypark Eesti, one of leading car parking operators in Estonia. Stova, part of Modus Group, is a car parking operator under the brand UniPark in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Poland.
Infolex 2017: Advisory on sale to Bonnier media group
Advisory to the shareholder of Lexnet (legal information services company, with its legal information retrieval system Infolex) on the majority sale to Bonnier Business Press AB, the Swedish holding company of Lithuanian business daily Verslo Žinios.
Sekargas 2017: Advisory on sale to Hamilton Poland
Advisory to the shareholders of Sekargas Ir Kompanija (cargo inspection services in the seaports in Lithuania, Latvia and Kaliningrad region) on the majority sale of the Company to Hamilton Poland, Poland’s second-largest provider of independent inspection and analytical services, which is backed by the private equity firm Enterprise Investors.
4finance 2016: EUR 150 million corporate bond issue
Alpha Advisors, together with Aalto Capital (previously named SCALA Corporate Finance (Germany), acted as a capital markets advisor to 4finance S.A. in issuing a 5-year EUR 100 million corporate bond in May 2016, as well as EUR 50 million tap issue in November 2016. 4finance Group is one of Europe‘s largest online and mobile consumer lending groups, operating with Vivus, SMSCredit and other product brands. The bond is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Kuusakoski 2016: Buy-side advisory on UAB Kuusakoski acquisition
Buy-side advisory to Dorvina (Lithuania) on acquisition of Lithuanian operations of Kuusakoski (Finland), the Northern Europe‘s leading industrial recycling company
Algoritmų Sistemos 2016: Advisory on sale to INVL Technology group
Advisory to the shareholders on sale of Algoritmų Sistemos (information system development) to a subsidiary of investment in information technology businesses company INVL Technology, which is listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius.
Tiltu Ekspertu Centras 2015: Advisory on sale to Landmark Capital
Advisory to the shareholder on sale of Tiltu Ekspertu Centras (transport infrastructure engineering) to Landmark Capital.
Pigu Group 2015: Advisory on sale to MCI Management
Advisory to the shareholders of Pigu Group (the largest online retailer in the Baltics) on the majority sale of the Company to MCI Management, one of the largest private equity funds in CEE.
Pardavimo Automatai 2015: Advisory on minority buyout
Advisory regarding buyout of a minority shareholder of Pardavimo Automatai (one of the largest operator of vending machines in Lithuania and the provider of office coffee service, water machines, customized solutions for HoReCa).
Dokeda 2015: Advisory on sale to Init Group
Advisory to the shareholders of UAB Dokeda (broadband internet & cable TV service provider under Meganet brand) on the sale of the Company to Init Group, one of Lithuania‘s leading cable TV and internet service providers.
Ūkio Bankas 2014: Sale of 62.5 m EUR claims portfolio
Advisor to BAB Ūkio Bankas (Lithuania) on sale of 62’500’000 EUR creditor claims portfolio against Birač Group, which is involved in alumina and bauxites production in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
KFC and Pizza Hut Baltic Franchise Operator 2014: Capital raising from Practica Capital
Capital raising for the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut franchise rights in the Baltics for expansion in all 3 Baltic countries. Investor: Practica Capital, a venture capital firm in Lithuania.
Litfarma 2014: Capital raising for Litfarma
Advisory on attracting one of the largest Baltic pharmaceuticals distributors as a strategic investor for UAB Litfarma (distributor of medical supplies and equipment as well as dermatological cosmetics).
Rewalon 2014: Capital raising for Rewalon
Advisory to a Lithuanian startup Rewalon on raising a follow-on investment from Online Venture, a Polish venture capital fund. Rewalon (Gifty, UAB) provides corporate micro-rewarding and client motivation services under Rewalon brand ( and also runs gifting mobile app Gifty (
Kruzas Nordic Cosmetics Distribution 2014: Advisory on sale to Berner Oy
Advisory to LTk Capital on sale of Kruzas NCD (cosmetics and perfume wholesaler in the Baltics) to Berner Oy (Finland).
Sesla 2014: Advisory on sale to private investors
Advisory to the shareholders on sale of Sesla, which provides specialized services (eg., hot oil stamping, laminating, UV varnish applications, cutting) to printing houses.
Undisclosed Cable TV / Broadband Operator 2013: Advisory on sale
Sell-side advisory to shareholders of Lithuanian regional cable TV and broadband internet operator on sale to a local competitor.
Landsbankinn 2013: Sale of industrial property
Sell-side advisory to Homlur ehf., a subsidiary of Landsbankinn hf. (Iceland) on sale of industrial and office property in Kaunas (Lithuania) to private investors.
Virenda 2013: Acquisition from Landsbankinn
Buy-side advisory to a private investor on Virenda (Lithuania) acquisition from Landsbankinn (Iceland)
IVPĮ 2016: Advisory on sale to Inservis
Sale of shares of Informacinio Verslo Paslaugų Įmonė to Inservis
Republic of Latvia 2015: Eurobond issue
Joint Lead Manager of EUR 500m Eurobond due September 2025 for Republic of Latvia
Danbalt International 2015: Strategic advisory / Valuation
Advisory and business valuation to Danbalt International
DNB Investicijų valdymas 2014: Buy-side advisory
Buy-side advisory to DNB Investicijų Valdymas on acquisition of ERGO’s II pillar pension fund management business in Lithuania
IZZI 2013: Advisory on sale to Baltcom TV
Sale of IZZI to Baltcom TV
Akmenės cementas 2013: Advisory on sale
Sale of shares in Akmenės Cementas
Bitė 2012: Advisory on debt refinancing
2012: Advisory on Bitė (mobile operator) debt refinancing and preparation of corporate presentations for debt issue.
Giraitės Ginkluotės Gamykla 2012: Strategic advisory / Valuation
Strategic advisory and valuation to Giraitės Ginkluotės Gamykla (weaponry)
Republic of Lithuania 2012: Eurobond issue
Joint Lead Manager of EUR 400m Eurobond due February 2018 for Republic of Lithuania
AD Baltic 2011: Advisory / Valuation
2011: Advisory on business valuation to the shareholders of AD Baltic (trade/automotive)
Tele2 2011: Advisory on sale of Cgates
2011: Sell-side advisory to Tele2 on sale of Cgates to VDNet (cable TV)
BaltCap 2010: Capital raising / EIF program
2010: Capital raising for BaltCap’s private equity fund under European Investment Fund Jeremie program
City Service 2010: Equity placement
2010: Equity placement for City Service (facility management company listed on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius)
Armila 2010: Buy-side advisory on acquisition of Ramunėlės Vaistinė
Buy-side advisory to Armila on acquisition of Ramunėlės Vaistinė
DnB Nord 2009, 2010: Buy-side advisory
Tender offer and squeeze-out of shares in DnB Bankas (Lithuania) on behalf of Bank DnB NORD A/S
Armila 2008, 2010: Advisory on sale to Andreae-Noris Zahn
Sale of Armila to Andreae-Noris Zahn
Silvano Fashion Group 2006-2009: Private equity investment
2006-2009: Private equity investment in Silvano Fashion Group (inc. Lauma Lingerie & Milavitsa) Textile / retail, Estonia, Latvia & Belarus
Mieszko 2007-2009: Private equity investment
2007-2009: Private equity investment in Mieszko Confectionery, Poland
Rigas Piensaimnieks 2007-2009: Private equity investment
2007-2009: Private equity investment in Rigas Piensaimnieks Dairy, Latvia
Latvijas Energoceltnieks 2007-2009: Private equity investment
2007-2009: Private equity investment in Latvijas Energoceltnieks Construction, Latvia
Alta Real Estate Partners 2007-2009: Private equity investment
2007-2009: Private equity investment in Alta Real Estate Partners (real estate development), Latvia
Desseilles International & Lauma Fabrics 2006-2009: Private equity investment
2006-2009: Private equity investment in Desseilles International & Lauma Fabrics Textiles, France & Latvia
Scantarp 2007-2009: Private equity investment
2007-2009: Private equity investment in Scantarp Technical Textiles, Finland
MinskVodStroy 2008-2009: Private equity investment
2008-2009: Private equity investment in MinskVodStroy Construction, Belarus
FIS Kompiuteriai, Fortakas & Techmarket 2008: Private equity investment
2008: Private equity investment in FIS Kompiuteriai, Fortakas & Techmarket IT & Mobile device retail, Lithuania & Latvia
LJL / Lithuanian Shipping Company 2007: Advisory on ship fleet renewal
2007: Advisory on ship fleet renewal to Lietuvos Jūrų Laivininkystė / Lithuanian Shipping Company
Kauno diena 2007: Advisory on sale of Kauno diena
Sale of Kauno Diena on behalf of Orkla Media
Ardena 2007: Shareholder advisory on 50% sale
2007: Sell-side advisory to a shareholder of Ardena (specialized retail) on sale of 50% of company stock.
Aukštuminės Sistemos 2007: Sale to Cramo
2007: Advisory to shareholders of Aukštuminės Sistemos on sale to Cramo (equipment rental)
Acme Computer Components 2006: Bond issue
2006: Bond issue for Acme Computer Components (ACC
MTV Networks Baltic 2006: Capital raising for TVcorp
Capital raising to TVcorp for operations of MTV Networks Baltic
InfoTec 2006: Sell-side advisory
2006: Sell-side advisory to shareholders of InfoTec on asset sale to Informacinės Technologijos (ITT) 2006: Advisory on sale to Schibsted
2006: Advisory to shareholders of Plius (e-commerce) on sale to Schibsted Media Group
City Plaza 2006: Asset purchase from Kauno Energija
2006: Advisory to City Plaza on acquisition of Naujasodžio Energijos Paslaugos from Kauno Energija
EBRD 2006: Advisory on sale of Vilkma
2006: Sell-side advisory to EBRD on sale of Vilkma (textiles)
Avestis 2005: Buy-side advisory on acquisition of Klaipėdos Kartonas
Buy-side advisory to Avestis on acquisition of Klaipėdos Kartonas (paper production)
FotoServisas 2005: Buy-side advisory
2005: Buy-side advisory on acquisition of Fotoservisas (specialized retail)
Sarma 2004: Sell-side advisory
2004: Sell-side advisory on Sarma trade sale (cosmetics and perfumery retail)
Anykščių Vynas 2004: Privatization / MBO
2004: Buy-side advisory to Alita on privatization of Anykščių Vynas (alcoholic beverages)
Alita 2004: Privatization / MBO
Buy-side advisory on privatization of Alita through MBO (alcoholic beverages).
Kalba 2004: Advisory on a private investment
2004: Advisory on a private investment to Kalba (education)
Lukoil 2003: Advisory on sale of TOKS
2003: Advisory to Lukoil on sale of Tolimojo Kelevinio Transporto Kompanija TOKS (transportation services)
Nematekas 2003: Strategic advisory
2003: Strategic advisory on expansion of Nematekas (meat processing)
Mokėjimo Kortelių Sistemos 2003: 41% sale to EPI
2003: Sale of 41% of Mokėjimo Kortelių Sistemos to Euro Processing International (card processing), sell-side
Litfarma ir Partneriai 2002: Advisory on sale to Tamro
2002: Advisory to private shareholders & VB Rizikos Kapitalo Valdymas on sale of Litfarma ir Partneriai to Tamro (pharmaceuticals)
Alna Navision 2002: Sale to Navision Software
2002: Sell-side advisory on Alna Navision sale to Navision Software (ITT)
NeltėLink 2002: Advisory on sale to Transcom
2002: Sell-side advisory on sale of NeltėLink to Transcom (call center)
Vievio Paukštynas 2002: Advisory on MBO
2002: Advisory on management buy-out (MBO) of Vievio Paukštynas (poultry)
Marijampolės Grūdai 2002: Advisory on trade sale to Litagra
2002: Sell-side advisory on trade sale of Marijamolės Grūdai (grain processing) to Litagra
LTB Draudimas 2001: Trade sale
2001: Trade sale of LTB Draudimas (insurance) by Hansabankas
Hansabank Group 2001: Privatization of LTB
2001: Privatization of Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas by Hansabank Group (banking)
Lietuvos Telekomas 2001: IPO and bond issue
2001: Co-management of Initial Public Offering (IPO) and PO and sole management of local bond issue for Lietuvos Telekomas (telco)
Republic of Lithuania 2000: Eurobond issue
2000: Co-management of Eurobond issue for the Republic of Lithuania
Snaigė 1999: Strong minority sale
1999: Strong minority sale of Snaigė (refrigerators) by Hansabank Group
Panevėžio Statybos Trestas 1999: Sale to Panevėžio Keliai
1999: Sale of Panevėžio Statybos Trestas (construction) to Panevėžio Keliai by Hansabank Group
Lietuvos Draudimas 1997: Minority consolidation & sale
1997: Consolidation of 5% minority and sale